(Denise Gemmellaro, 2017)

Medicolegal entomology is the study of the colonization (infestation; population) of decomposing organic matter by necrophagous (carrion eating) insects; The study of their feeding behaviors and biology and how that can relate to human remains at a crime scene. While they are usually necrophagous (eating carrion) some are necrophilous (loving carrion.) Blowflies and maggots are the most well-known and the most common of these insects. (Gemmellaro, 2017)

The process of colonization is incredibly quick, and estimating the time of death by the life cycle of the insects (blowflies for example) is dependent upon: location e.g. temperature, light, humidity, precipitation, and conditions of the body. This does not always coincide with the time of death... other factors are also involved and medicolegal entomology only focuses on the period of colonization... so the period of time the body has been exposed. However, the usefulness of entomology to study the conditions and circumstances of death. (Gemmellaro, 2017)

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